Friday, December 27, 2013

The Clutha Sessions

It’s great to know that Glasgow City Council had initiated the Lord Provost's Clutha Appeal Fund to provide financial help to survivors and families of those who had died in the Police Scotland helicopter crash on November 29, 2013. 

And the band that was playing at The Clutha on that fateful night is launching an album to boost this said fund. Esperanza is one of seven music groups to contribute songs to the 10-track CD "The Clutha Sessions". 

Glaswegians can be counted upon to give whole-hearted support, that’s for sure! 

I didn’t realize that there are Malaysian Chinese who are really brain dead! I am referring to the MCA dumbasses who were at the party’s 60th annual general meeting on Saturday. 

When Najib Razak insulted the MCA, the party delegates clapped and applauded. The Prime Minister had recommended that MCA take a dose of "political viagra" to boost the party's flaccid morale. Another way of putting it: MCA is impotent! 

This is what Najib said: "You have the members, you have the people, but it's like the flesh is there but the spirit is weak”. Then he added: "We need some political viagra... We ask the health minister to provide the medication." 

And there was voluminous laughter from the floor! Imagine that! 

No wonder other Malaysian Chinese have zilch respect for this worthless and wretched cabal of UMNO toadies. I should think that since they are so subservient to UMNO that they should just rename MCA as the UMNO Fan Club. 

Isn't MCA already a has-been? The party, which won 31 parliamentary seats in 2004, saw its seats slashed to 15 in 2008 and only seven in 2013.

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