Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Najib Razak's Fb Page Breeds Frustration and Anger

Unhappy Malaysians are flooding Prime Minister Najib Razak's Facebook page with remarks that describe their frustration and anger against the latter. There were also pleas for him to be sensitive to citizens struggling to cope with the hike in the prices of goods and services.  

Netizens appear unconvinced by Putrajaya’s attempt to justify price hikes and subsidy rationalization with the argument that it was necessary to protect the economy and investor confidence. 

I am urging Malaysians to continue to post their sentiments of disquiet and dissatisfaction so that he is aware of his madcap recklessness in managing the country's economy. As far as economic management is concerned, Najib gets a big F!

This evening, I was on the sixth floor of Suasana Sentral in KL Sentral to attend the last Toastmasters meeting of the year on the last day of the year! Yup, I was at the Bangsar Toastmasters meeting and I was tasked to evaluate Lucky's speech from The Entertaining Manual. In fact, we witnessed a decent attendance fifteen of us graced the meeting. I would score it a 7 over 10.

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