Thursday, December 5, 2013

Najib Razak Syiok Sendiri

At the 2013 UMNO General Assembly, Najib Razak proudly announced to the delegates that their calculations show it was Barisan Nasional (BN) that triumphed in GE13 as it had won the popular votes in nine out of Malaysia’s 14 states while PR edged out its rivals only in four states. Najib added that it was unfair for the three opposition parties (i.e. PKR, PAS and DAP) to claim otherwise by consolidating their separate wins. 

It actually took UMNO six months to come up with the figures that support this syiok sendiri affirmation. Besides, GE13 is about BN versus PR. So, what is Najib trying to prove?

MAS Toastmasters Clubs organized a Youth Leadership Program (December 03-05, 2013) at their Training Academy in Kelana Jaya. I was a facilitator for two of the three days. Check out the photos below: 

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