Friday, December 20, 2013

Hikes and Subsidy Cuts Good for You

Yesterday, the prime minister's press secretary Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad issued a statement saying that hikes and subsidy cuts are good for the economy and therefore "good for the people"!

And he even got the cheek to imply the fact that Najib Razak has a 52 percent approval rating (based on the Merdeka Center poll – did you even read my “well-written” posting yesterday at this link, and therefore, the price hikes have received popular backing! 

I was dumbstruck! This guy is proof that evolution can actually go in reverse!

I was at the Malaysia Airlines Academy in Kelana Jaya yesterday for the tenth anniversary celebration of the MAS Toastmasters Clubs – involving the three clubs, i.e. MAS Cempaka, MAS Mawar and MAS Melor. 

I even managed to deliver a CC #4 speech – this is the thirteenth round of the CC manual – titled “I Have a Dream”. Nope, the speech is not what you think it is – it is a creative treatment given to a subject about unrequited love and it has a clever twist at the end. [Note: I have made four speeches in 3 days – all impromptu! I have really pushed myself!] 

The meeting was loads of fun and I shall score it an 8 over 10! Good times were had by all, I’m sure! Well, I did! 

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