Thursday, November 28, 2013

The "UMNO" Word

Another word has caused offense! When it was uttered by DAP Kota Sentosa assemblyperson Chong Chieng Jen last Friday, Sarawak State Housing Minister Abang Johari Abang Openg became rabid. The former had implied that the latter "resembled" an UMNO politician. Abang Johari was full of righteous Malay fury and he couldn't believe his ears that Chong could be so rude as to use those repugnant words! Especially "UMNO"! He promptly sought to get Chong to withdraw them.

I thought it is a fair request – I mean, who in their right minds would want to be described as taking after an UMNO politician? Chong refused. Sometimes, DAP fellas can be really obstinate.

Then Speaker Asfia Awang Nasar came into the picture and insisted that Chong renounce the said words. Again, Chong refused.

A motion was moved to suspend Chong and it was carried. The Speaker then ordered Chong be suspended from "the services of the Dewan until the chair deems it fit for your return".

UMNO is a dirty word, alright! Even a Sarawakian Malay rejects this label! Abang Johari is a smart Malay!

Yesterday, I was on Level 1 of KPMG Tower in PJ’s Bandar Utama for the CIMA Toastmasters meeting. I delivered CC speech #6 titled “Aunt Agony” – this is from the Competent Communication manual which represents my eleventh round. I was evaluated by Victor Cheong who, like me, made it very humorous. I enjoyed this meeting and my score would be a 6.5 over 10. The meeting started late although we did make up for lost time.

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