Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The EC Cat is Out of the Bag

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman was the Election Commission head honcho from 2000 to 2008 and the EC deputy chief before that. And in a speech at the Federal Territories Perkasa meeting in KL’s Kampung Baru on November 24, 2013, this fustilarian had boasted that three re-delineation exercises of electoral borders, which were done during his time with the EC, had ensured Malays remained in power. (Actually, he meant ‘UMNO’, not ‘Malay’).
Now, according to Article 113 (2) of the Federal Constitution, the EC can review the boundaries of constituencies in accordance with Schedule 13 – and this schedule, among others states that the divisions should be done taking into account voters' convenience, local ties and disadvantages faced in rural constituencies.
It is clear that this constitutional clause had been abused to favor somebody else’s political agenda. Isn’t this an admission of engaging in gerrymandering during his eight-year tenure as commission head? Isn’t this illegal because the delineation exercises did not follow the Federal Constitution? Isn’t it a betrayal of trust?
The cheating is getting out of control! That is why we must have a Bersih 4.0!
If you just love to drive yourself nuts, then watch this:
Maybe it's just me, but Batman looks more and more annoyed as the video goes on.

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