Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Najib Razak's Warning of Impending Bankruptcy

Prime Minister Najib Razak made a startling revelation on Monday. He said the country would face bankruptcy if GST was not implemented! (The Star, November 25, 2013, p 02). He even likened our predicament to Greece!
I don’t think he was fibbing. The fact he was confirming that the country is becoming broke speaks volumes because all the while, the assertion from those in power was that we are doing well.
Actually, I am not really surprised. The Government spends as if there is no tomorrow. Their bills are all inflated. Money leaks here and there.
Najib’s warning cannot be taken lightly. It is important for him to let us know the country’s real financial situation.
On the other hand, his deputy in the Finance Ministry, Ahmad Maslan, told Parliament on the same day that the country is financially sound!
Who do you believe? Najib or Maslan? Are we about to plunge over the cliff and onto the rocks below? Is the country staring at financial ruin?
I think we will find out soon enough. And it is sooner than you and I think.
I was at Kelab Shah Alam because I had promised Nor Lida Dahalan awhile back. And there I was. For a Toastmasters meeting that starts at 8 PM, the Shah Alam Toastmasters meeting last evening was lively and rousing. I evaluated an Advanced speech and generally, it was a good meeting. I would score it a 7 over 10.
Regrettably, I can only visit this club infrequently because their meeting days clash with Taman Indrahana meeting days.

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