Friday, June 21, 2013

Objective: Stop Saturday's Rally

The authorities are trying very hard to stop the Blackout 505 protest rally. The fact is, it will proceed. DBKL is coming up with frivolous excuses to prevent it from happening. Fortunately, the Olympic Council of Malaysia and McDonald’s decided not to be a part of this harebrained plot to give credibility to the silly story why the rally cannot proceed at the said venue. [DBKL is using the excuse that OCM is using the same venue for their Olympic Day Run 2013 on Sunday and so Saturday is off-limits to everybody because they need to get the place ready!]  Then the Police announced that it is an illegal rally. And yesterday, its Director of Internal Security and Public Order Department Salleh Mat Rasid even declared that If needed, the army will help the police keep the peace on Saturday. Meanwhile, Najib Razak is keeping mum and letting his stooges free rein to snuff out any attempt by the rakyat to demonstrate their unhappiness at the shameless electoral fraud that the ruling party had conjured up in order to win GE13.

Yesterday, Thinesh Naidu completed his tenth and final speech from the Competent Communication manual at his home club. A much better speech and a fitting end to his ‘speaking’ adventure that has challenged him to boldly step out of his comfort zone. I know he has been transformed into a more confident speaker! The Sunway University Toastmasters meeting was loads of fun and again, we unearthed promising speakers. I particularly enjoyed Nurdina Kasim’s speech but it was also a joy to see colleague Dr Choy Tuck Yun telling our mostly student audience that “exams are fun”! This meeting has earned an 8 over 10 score. The Timekeeper, Gerrard Mook was even more pleased than I because he announced that we actually started the meeting at 6:44 PM, one minute ahead of time! I love it when we start on time!




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