Monday, June 10, 2013

Mongolian Women Plead

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This was never reported in the mainstream press but the quest for justice for Altantuya Shaariibuu continues. And this time, the Mongolian delegation who attended the 2013 Global Summit of Women (June 06-08) in Kuala Lumpur had called the Malaysian government to furnish answers on the Mongolian national’s murder in Malaysia.

Speaking to media on the sidelines of the conference, Mongolian Women's Federation (MWF) president J Erdenechimeg said that a new trial should commence to find out who is responsible for Altantuya’s death.

Flanked by about 70 from the delegation, she said that this was for the sake of Altantuya's two sons who are now growing up without their mother.

For sure, Rosmah Mansor was there at the conference. And I cannot help but wonder if the Mongolian women were invisible to her. If they were not, I am positive she would have scurried away to hide her embarrassment.

If Najib Razak is indeed innocent, then do what the Mongolian mothers had requested. There is nothing to hide, is there, Najib? Malaysian mothers must band together to make this plea by their Mongolian counterparts even louder, even more strident, even more insistent. Please lend your voice so that justice is done and Altantuya can finally rest in peace.

[Note: Two Special Action Unit personnel Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar who had been assigned to Najib as bodyguards at the time were convicted of Altantuya's gruesome murder, although the motive was never established. Now on death row, Sirul has, on June 03, 2013, claimed mistrial and is currently seeking an acquittal]. 

On Saturday afternoon, Sunway University Toastmaster Thinesh Naidu (left) went to Taylor’s University to deliver his CC speech #6 – in an admirable quest to complete his Competent Communication manual by end June 2013. I wasn’t able to be there but fellow club members Nawal Liyana and Dr Nagiah Ramasamy were present to lend support.

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