Friday, February 15, 2013

Teng Chang Yeow's Stories

The Psy story continues to elicit laughter. It seems that Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow is also trying to show that he is as good a joker as his boss, Najib Razak!

Teng started by telling Sinchew Daily that there was an attempt on the prime minister’s life. On Thursday, he said the story was not true and that he had been “misquoted”. Then he proceeded to disclose that it was Psy’s life that was in danger – that was why the organizers called off plans to have the singer participate in a “yee sang” tossing ceremony with BN chumps. [Of course, if you have viewed the video clip – see it at this link – you know it is not true. They had to call it off because Psy did not appear despite REPEATED calls, so much so that embarrassment was being boldly written on every one of their faces].

Just as quickly, he gave yet another explanation. This time, Teng said: “He was only here to perform; this (tossing yee sang) is not part of the program”.

If you are listening to the above accounts, won’t you get confused? Which is which, you may ask?

I find it all amazing. The above demonstrates how creative BN buffoons are! They can expertly weave stories at the blink of an eye and they truly believe what they say as if their lives depended on it. But we know that there is not a thread of honesty running through them! They are so used to lying and fibbing and inventing that they don’t know what is the truth anymore.

And in another report, Penang police chief Deputy Comm Abdul Rahim Hanafi had confirmed there was a threat to sabotage the event (The Sun, February 15, 2013, p 01). Now I am really at sixes and sevens!

Okay, enough of the goings-on in Penang. But then again, football is just as depressing. A wasteful Liverpool (i.e. Luis Suarez squandering his chances) suffer a 2-0 defeat by Zenit St Petersburg in Russia in the first leg of their Europa League last-32 tie.

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