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Psy Concert in Penang

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Picture courtesy of Psy’s Twitter account and reproduced at webpage

BN had originally wanted to organize a CNY Open House in Penang but it turned out to be a Psy concert instead. I don’t know who came up with this idea to invite the Korean rap sensation but once the Prime Minister bought the idea, the original purpose of this event was abandoned in favor of promoting Psy (or Park Jae Sang) and I suppose, it was hoped that this would further magnify Najib’s popularity. In fact, all pronouncements made with regard to the event revolved around Psy (and Najib) and not about the Lunar New Year celebration.

Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen showed just how much of a dork she is when on Friday, she said: “Psy would like to come to a place he trusts, Psy would like to come to a place where the prime minister (Najib Abdul Razak) is so well-known”! Only an MCA dumbo could come up with stupid statements like these.

Psy came for the money. Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi from DAP alleged that Psy’s fee was RM1.5 million and the Artistes Association of Malaysia (Seniman) president Rozaidi Jamil mentioned RM2.3 million. And not to forget, the cost to jet him on a direct 20-hour flight from Brazil to Penang.

As PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu explained the initiative to bring Psy to Malaysia was a desperate move on the part of BN to connect with young voters. And of course, the Lunar New Year served as an appropriate backdrop for this event.

It tells you a lot about BN politicians because they clearly hadn’t a clue as to the meaning of the “Oppa Gangnam Style” song – it is a satirical jab at the prodigal lifestyle of upper class South Koreans – not very different from our Tourism Minister and her kind in BN.

Anyway, on Monday, Psy performed his signature piece, not once but twice! And that took a grand total time of eight minutes. Of course lah, he is a one hit wonder – what did you expect?

There were disputes about the size of the audience who attended the mini-concert. Blogger Susan Loone put the number at about 30,000. Another blogger, Anil Netto put the crowd at less than 50,000. And of course, the police raised the number to 100,000 and which was picked up by the mainstream press.

There were also reports of people being ferried in. One Penangite ( commented that the whole Free School Road was crammed with factory buses – meaning, paid supporters must have been brought in. This was confirmed by Nibong Tebal MIC chief R Rajagopal who told Loone that he had personally arranged 10 buses for the event.

Anyway, there was bounteous entertainment, both intentional and non-intentional. Besides Psy’s performances – there were plenty of the dumbfounding moments! The major faux pas include:

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Najib’s wife went on stage to belt out CNY songs. She began to croon but then singing became too laborious a task for the plump, pampered and mollycoddled Rosmah Mansor who then decided to lip-sync to the background music. Groan!!! Why did she even bother?!?


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Najib, Rosmah, Abdullah Badawi, Teng Chang Yeow and the other BN clowns with chopsticks in hand tried to play Psy for a fool – they had wanted him to join them to toss “yee sang”. But Psy who had arrived since 7:30 AM gave them a slap in the face when he declined to appear on stage with them. Psy must have already realized that the innocuous event was lavishly laced with political overtones and that they desired to use him!

And once Psy was done with his song-and-dance feats, he hollered, “Thank you very much!” to his rapturous audience and left. No fuss, no handshakes and no group photos with Najib and company. [Rosmah must have been heart-broken, so was Ng Yen Yen!] That was the signal for the people to leave and they did. The emcee (poor man!) was as quiet as a clam because he knew that it would be almost impossible to call the crowd back.

But the biggest embarrassment was when Najib gamely took the mike to introduce Psy. He threw his first question – Are you ready for Psy? Three times he asked. And then he sneaked in a second question – a trick question actually – Are you ready for BN? Again, three times he asked. And the thunderous answers made Najib look like a fool and an idiot, 100 percent! Wakakaka!!!

Najib is right about one thing though. Malaysians are ready. Ready to kick him and BN out for good!!!

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Patrick said...

The YouTube video of his major embarrassment on stage was uploaded and circulated immediately. I had a super laugh when I saw it. The humiliation....all caught on video for posterity.

Najib is d.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e....and its showing.....wonder who made the millions organizing this little soirée....?????