Thursday, February 7, 2013

Najib Razak is Not The God of Prosperity

Look whose icky image is on red packets (“angpows”) this year? It sure sticks out like a sore thumb but this shameless man is determined to promote himself to the point that it becomes so nauseating that I just have to puke! Why is Najib Razak so intent on spoiling my New Year mood?

If Najib thinks that he is the God of Prosperity just because he has been handing out wads of cash under the guise of BR1M et cetera, then he is sadly mistaken. No self-respecting Chinese will ever regard him as Choy Sun Yeh / Cai Shen because we all know that he is misusing public funds. He is only reinforcing the popular notion that he is nothing but a crook and a cheat.


WTF, he shows up everywhere! On Tuesday, along KL’s busy Jalan Ampang, my line of vision was compromised by Chinese New Year banners bearing festive greetings and depicting Najib.

I don’t want his wishes and I don’t want the (empty) packets either! I know Najib wants to win Chinese hearts – well, not really! He actually wants our votes! Y’see, he desperately desires to win GE13 and that of course, explains why “he” is everywhere!

Najib, please do me a favor! Get out of my face! Scoot!

I was in the city again to attend the Allianz Toastmasters meeting last evening. Even if there were only ten of us but we were generous with our applause so that enthusiasm enlivened the meeting. I delivered CC speech #6 (titled ‘A Mother’s Tale’) and I was evaluated by Yeap Zheng Lik. The latter recalled that I had evaluated him when he attended a PriceWaterhouseCoopers Toastmasters meeting last year and this time, he had the honor to evaluate me! He too gave a speech (titled “The Story of an Apple”) and we were all well-entertained. In fact, he was voted the Best Speaker.

I have enjoyed the meeting and I must thank Tan Saw Bee (Crystal Toastmasters Club) for facilitating my visit to this club. And I discovered only yesterday that she founded this club almost ten years ago – and it is still going strong! There are many Toastmasters like her. It is not incorrect to say that she and the others are the unsung heroes. They toiled and they labored and they worked for the love of Toastmastering. There is no glory, no fame and no recognition – just the satisfaction of serving fellow Toastmasters! I salute you!

I didn’t go home empty-handed. I was voted Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Evaluator – see my delectable prizes below (i.e. the last photo).


Unknown said...

Congratulation to you, Victor.

Be cool and stay calm.

Grace said...

I saw the jip gor in the TV advertisement too... So much publicity... And on the meeting, definitely a success because we have all the heavy weights around! Thank you God for putting all these beautiful people around me