Monday, February 25, 2013

Political Prostitutes

BR1M (or 1Malaysia People’s Aid) is meant for people who require financial assistance, particularly the lower-income groups – at least that is what the Government wants us to believe. But BR1M is a government agenda that is a lot more sinister than simply being a cash handout! This is what BR1M is really all about:

And did you read that both the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister made the pronouncement that Tok Guru Nik Aziz insulted BR1M recipients by calling them animals? The mainstream newspapers dutifully went to town to deride Nik Aziz who had supposedly said on Wednesday that the granting of BR1M had received good response from the people but likened the recipients as "equal to chicken and cattle that would come if the people give these animals the food they liked"!

Methinks, Nik Aziz is right in a way. The RM500 cash handout is chicken feed when Najib Razak and the UMNO elites and their cronies have stolen millions!

But back to the tirade by Najib and Muhyiddin against Nik Aziz – they have twisted what Nik Aziz had said. This is what Tok Guru actually said:

Nik Aziz merely stated that UMNO is using money to entice the people by giving money under BR1M 1.0 and 2.0 and that is tantamount to treating them like animals with their favorite food.

“If we want to attract the attention of a chicken or duck to attend my ceramah, I am sure they will never come unless I scatter coconut flesh scraping and padi husks to lure them.

“Similarly, if we want to lure cattle or horses, we need to scatter grass, coconut flesh, husks or rice. So, when we want to lure human beings by offering things and not knowledge, it is the same as putting the humans on par with animals.

Therefore, what he meant was that UMNO was responsible for the culture of giving cash to the rakyat as political bait and thus treating them no better than animals.

It is a sorry sign of sheer desperation when Najib and Muhyiddin can lie and fabricate and distort what someone else said just for political mileage. These two are simply shameless sluts, malicious miscreants and political prostitutes!

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