Thursday, February 14, 2013

Najib, the Little Drummer Boy

The whole country is still having a good laugh at our Prime Minister's expense! When all’s said and done, Najib Razak did entertain us on Monday, didn’t he? At least, when he loses GE13 and he needs to find employment, Malaysians need not worry about him not having a job because of his lack of competencies. He has revealed to us that he is a man of many talents. He can be an emcee. Or a stand-up comic. Or a storyteller. Or even a drummer.

Did you see Najib’s fantasy CNY video? His story was that he played the Chinese traditional drum as he wanted the community to know that he respected their culture. If you believe him, that is.

Mahathir’s Perkasa thinks otherwise. One Zainuddin Salleh lectures Najib that his CNY video greeting shows the stupidity of the Malays. Including Najib. Check out his article titled “Klip Video Tahun Baru Cina, Lambang Kebodohan Melayu?” (Perkasa webpage, published February 10, 2013). 

In this interesting column posted on Perkasa’s website, Zainuddin claims that only those from the lower caste would usually work as drummers in a lion or dragon dance troupe. Even I didn’t know that!

In so many words, Zainuddin is actually saying that Najib’s attempt to win the favor of the Chinese is likely to upset Perkasa Malays because he chose to take on a lowly role as a drummer in the said video clip – and this was done to impress a Chinese family! Zainuddin is appalled because the Prime Minister was being condescending! I have another adjective: Pathetic!

Compare this with Anwar Ibrahim’s CNY message – No CGI. No special costume. No drumming even. Only simple communication.

What is Najib really trying to prove?

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