Monday, January 21, 2013

Water Woes in Selangor

Parts of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (mostly Cheras and Ampang) saw taps run dry this month. And Friday’s edition of The Sun also had a report of water disruption in Subang Jaya. Not forgetting to mention other Selangor areas, e.g. Petaling, Hulu Langat and Sepang.

The reasons given were the failure of the Wangsa Maju and Pudu Ulu pump houses, closure of the Semenyih water treatment plant (supposedly because Semenyih river has been contaminated with palm oil) and that water usage was above the normal capacity of the water treatment plants.

Syabas (or Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor), the concessionaire must take sole responsibility for this water supply issue.

But many Malaysians already know that Syabas is an UMNO tool engaging in trickery to give problems to the PR government in Selangor. We know that Prime Minister Najib Razak wants to get Selangor back at all costs. He knows that in 2008, the voter swing was the biggest in Selangor at 20.9% and in Kuala Lumpur at 20.5%. So, he’s pulling out all stops to recapture Selangor – water is one of the weapons to pummel the people of Selangor into submission.

If there are those who are still skeptical about this, then kindly take note that on January 12, 2013, Najib himself gave a guarantee that Selangor's water woes would be solved if BN was returned to power (Webpage Isn’t the government using the water issue as a political tool?

The other important issue is the federal government’s insistence to pursue the costly Langat 2 water treatment plant (RM8.65 billion) and source water from neighboring state Pahang. The latter meant that the Selangor state government would have to pay RM60 million per annum to Pahang in the form of water royalty. It is calculated that once the Langat 2 plant is completed in 2014, a high probability exists of a water tariff increase of 70 percent.

As if you didn’t know that Syabas is owned and managed by an UMNO personality who so happens to be the UMNO Selangor treasurer, i.e. Rozali Ismail. UMNO scum like him will try all sorts of things to destabilize Selangor and help UMNO to recapture the state.

It is up to Selangorians to prevent this from happening!

On Saturday, Liverpool clobbered Norwich City 5-0 at Anfield. Jordan Henderson opened the scoring with a ferocious half volley into the top corner of the Norwich goal after a Luis Suarez effort was blocked (26). It did not take the Reds long to double their lead as Lucas Leiva played a pass forward, only for Daniel Sturridge to take Michael Turner out of the equation with a clever dummy, allowing Suarez a free run on goal before sliding the ball past Mark Bunn (36). Sturridge got his name on the scoresheet – his third for the club in three appearances – when he struck from close range after good work by Henderson and Stewart Downing’s cross (59). It was 4-0 when Steven Gerrard dispatched a trademark shot into the bottom corner from over 25 yards (66) after a surging run off the left by Glen Johnson, who also released Raheem Sterling for the fifth. The Liverpool substitute flicked the ball over the hapless Turner and, though his effort beat Bunn, the final touch came from the out-stretched boot of Norwich defender Ryan Bennett (74).

The Reds moved up to seventh place in the table.

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Patrick said...

SYABAS is indeed playing political fire. Their excuse that the river is contaminated with palm oil effluents are utter rubbish. FYI, all palm oil plantations and mills are required by law to have a good water/effluent treatment system on site to treat waster/effluent production water before it is discharged into the environment. If it is indeed true that there are palm oil effluents discharged into the river, then either;

1. the authorities are sleeping on their job and not enforcing enviromental protection according to laws
2. SYABAS is lying through their million ringgit rotten teeth

I am incline to assume it is the 2nd option above. Perhaps SYABAS should contact the BIOWISH people (I have contact)in Malaysia to treat their effleunt water before it is discharged into the environment so that our rivers are pristine clean for SYABAS to swim in and drink out of directly.....