Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Raja Ropiaah's Scams

Wanita UMNO is again in the news. Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd which is owned by Selangor UMNO Wanita leader Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah received a 223-acre land parcel from the government being payment for the construction of the RM100-million National Defence Research Centre (Puspahanas) in a Putrajaya location near the Sultan Alam Shah secondary school and a Perbadanan Putrajaya ‘Park and Ride’ facility.

According to the Construction Industry Development Board website, work on this project was to have started on September 25, 2008 and completed on January 24, 2011 but it has been delayed for almost two years now. And guess what? It was the Defence Ministry which had commissioned Puspahanas and inked the agreement with Awan Megah and the minister then was none other than Najib Abdul Razak, currently our prime minister.

Then Awan Megah reportedly agreed to surrender 200 acres of the said land to another company Astacanggih Sdn Bhd – owned by Deepak Jaikishan, the carpet trader whom I had mentioned in my blog posting dated January 03, 2013 – in exchange for a land bond and cash.

To make the story really complicated, Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera’s (LTAT) investment vehicle Boustead Holding Sdn Bhd, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Bakti Wira Development Sdn Bhd reported it had bought an 80 percent stake in Astacanggih for RM30 million and the 200-acre plot of land from Awan Megah for RM130 million.

I am confused about this issue involving Deepak’s company. Astacanggih has a RM20 million paid-up capital but a whopping RM98 million debt with banking institution Kuwait Finance House. It is a company with a poor track record that had failed to file any of its financial statements. But the question on everybody’s lips is why did LTAT purchase only 80% of the company?

In any case, Deepak wasn’t that thrilled about the RM30 million because the sum merely recovered the cost the company had forked out in the land deal which had turned sour, including RM13 million for Raja Ropiaah, RM8 million political contribution, RM7 million financial cost and RM2 million legal and miscellaneous cost. As Deepak had claimed: “This ultimatum has been forced upon us”.

Even before I could clear my head, I became confused again by a second issue. Why give the land for free to Raja Ropiaah (plus a cash bonus of RM27 million), then make LTAT buy the land from her? BTW, this RM160 million is coming from the servicemen's pension funds!

Even weirder, PKR’s Rafizi Ramli said a search found the title of the said land has yet to be transferred to Awan Megah and that it is still with the government, the same plot now being purchased by the Defence Ministry's LTAT. This means that the Defence Ministry is paying RM130 million for a land that does not exist because it still does not belong to Awan Megah; in fact, the land title is with the government.

The story is going round that LTAT was instructed to buy the land from Ropiaah and Deepak to silence the latter. [Footnote: Raja Ropiaah scammed Deepak for RM13 million by promising to share the land with him. She did not and he had sued her for the land last year, only to drop the lawsuit at a later date without giving any reason].

Gosh! UMNO people are really consumed by greed! It is their new religion! Amen!

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