Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sealed Lips

This morning I was thinking about the carpet trader’s disclosures and they have been damaging to the prime minister. If you have been reading my blog in the last two days, you will know what I mean. Yet, Najib has been tight-lipped and he is behaving as if nothing had happened. A case of “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.

Najib’s cupboard is keeping a lot of skeletons. But it is very strange that as the alleged indiscretions are steadily showing themselves one by one, nobody in UMNO is rallying around him to show support. No one wants to be near him. I suppose it is a question of political survival for them too. And so, UMNO top dogs have clammed up and are lying low. Meanwhile there are also UMNO vultures that are circling. They are watching and waiting.

Blogger Ariff Sabri (i.e. Sakmongkol AK47) called Najib a political careerist. I don’t agree – I would call Najib a political opportunist. “His focus is on surviving in the UMNO political game and ensuring he retains the positions he is after”, Ariff Sabri wrote about the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Precisely, my point. That is why he is forever mouthing fallacious slogans, frivolous statements and flippant platitudes in order to lull Malaysians into a false sense of fictitious contentment. He knows Malaysians can be very shallow. Is that why Najib doesn’t give a damn whether BN or even his government is popular or not?

His personal popularity is more important. He may be grinning from ear to ear because he enjoys a popularity rating of 63 percent in December (65 percent in November 2012). But he forgets that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who went into the 2008 general election with a high 72 percent approval rating and when BN was much stronger then it is now, was soundly trounced at the polls.

I am sure UMNO members know that Najib is guilty of so many wrongdoings. I believe UMNO members are distancing themselves from him because they know their president has a lot of baggage. I think it is a matter of days or weeks before he is forcibly removed. I believe the die is cast. And Najib cannot do anything to change his fate.

I suspect Mahathir Mohamad is preparing to switch support. He is rooting for Muhyiddin Yassin the No. 2 because he thinks the latter can corral the Malay votebank better than Najib can. Mahathir knows the non-Malay votes are already lost. If Najib leads UMNO and BN, they will lose GE13 and Mahathir is finished. With Muhyiddin in charge, maybe there is a chance although I don't think so. Anyway that is Mahathir's thinking. He is wretchedly clutching at straws. Mahathir desperately doesn’t want to go to jail. He knows if he is sent to prison, he will die there.

I reckon Mahathir will take his chance with Muhyiddin – anyway, he is running out of options. But the truth is, BN including UMNO is going down. Mahathir too. I cannot wait for that day to come when he is handcuffed and transported in a Black Maria to the Sg Buloh prison. The same goes for Najib too!

Am I right? Or is the above merely conjecture on my part? I think we will know soon enough. I also think I am right.

My speculations aside, why is there only deafening silence from Najib? Why won't he respond to Deepak's assertions? Why won't he rebut?

On Tuesday, I attended two Toastmasters meetings – firstly, at Taylor’s College in SS15, Subang Jaya and secondly, at Café Barbera in Bangsar. At the Taylor's College Toastmasters meeting, I was the speech evaluator for two speakers and I was very much satisfied with their attempts – certainly these college students showed promise.

At the latter meeting – the Bangsar Toastmasters Club meeting – it was great to be able to meet old friends and make new ones, especially the lovely American couple, Stefania & Jim (Extreme Toastmasters Club, Chicago). As usual, I actively participated. I was voted the Best Table Topics speaker and I took up the role of Evaluator as well. This is one club where I can expect to have a good time! And the meeting started on time too. My score: 7 out of a 10.


Patrick said...

Listen! Listen ! Listen!..... you are supposed to be the de-facto 'grammarian' you are evaluator! The streets of Jln Pudu will rest easier and the bar crawlers have heaved a loud simultaneous sigh of relief.... Thats the only sound you will hear in Malaysia, since Najib and missus have gone mute. Too many conspiracy theories floating around town now. And all of them have certain relevance.....I vote for my hero, Black Dog...

Victor Ong said...

Listen! Blogs are already talking about it but I say Najib may just give way to Muhyiddin. By staying silent, he has lost all credibility. TIme to go, Najib!