Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Muhyiddin Yassin's Drivel

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I have looked at many photos of New Year celebrations all over the world and I would pick London as the venue for the best firework display. Thousands of revellers lined the banks of the Thames and bridges across the river to witness the pyrotechnics and lights centered on the London Eye. See photo above. Awesome!

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin heralded in 2013 by spewing drivel! Yesterday, he urged Selangor residents – who he claimed to have been deceived for four years by the PR state government – to choose BN instead when GE13 comes! He again showed us that he is not a clever Malay because he demonstrated a poor grasp of history. What he actually meant was that for 55 years, we have been deceived by BN! And that is an irerefutable fact.

This brings me to the other fact that the general election will be this year. The arrival of 2013 marks the start of the final countdown to GE13, the timing of which had been the top political chatter since last year. I was one of many Malaysians who tried to guess the GE13 date and I was wrong. Then again, how was I to know that Najib Razak was such a chicken? Anyway, now, there is no need to speculate because Parliament’s term ends on April 28, 2013 – just seventeen weeks away.

This video clip informs all Malaysians that unless we expel BN from the seat of government, they will bankrupt Malaysia! In reality, BN stands for Bankrapkan Negara!

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Unknown said...

I wonder why is the smartphone rebate is only applicable for people 21-30. could it be that BN want to use our information to vote for them? as we know that majority people from age 21-30 are not voting. or could it be that they are giving out money to win our votes?