Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Travel Gimmick

Prime Minister Najib Razak on Saturday announced the implementation of the '1Malaysia Integration Programme' together with AirAsia, which sees a free air ticket offer by the airline for routes between Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula for a specific period. Tony Fernandes is sucking up to Najib and BN again!

It all depends on the terms and conditions. Will it be during the March-April months? Is this a Najib ruse to get folks to go for their Cuti-cuti Malaysia holidays and then these very people might lose the opportunity to vote if GE13 is held during that period? I am sorry, I don’t trust Najib – he very desperately wants to win the election and he is full of trickery.

Whatever the case may be, I see this as yet another form of bribery by Najib and gang to buy Malaysian voters. Or if the above scenario plays out – to ensure they are absent during polls. If AirAsia is really sincere about encouraging national integration, why must there be a fixed time period? Why not keep the tickets open for a year?

Why don’t AirAsia have a GE13 promotion instead and in the process, earn the goodwill of Malaysians abroad? They can return to the country to exercise their right to vote if AirAsia distributes free tickets. Won’t this be more meaningful?

Liverpool defeated minor league Mansfield Town 2-1 in the FA Cup third round on Sunday. In the seventh minute, Daniel Sturridge applied a composed finish to Jonjo Shelvey's precise pass to score on his Liverpool debut. Luis Suarez, who came on in the 55th minute, made it 2-0 after just four minutes on the pitch. And Matt Green pulled one back for the Stags in the 79th.

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