Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Save FELDA Rally

Photos by Choo Choy May

The FGVH shares have experienced a general downward trend and continued to hover near record lows. I believe it is only a matter of time before they drop below their initial public offering price (IPO) of RM4.55.

Meanwhile, some FELDA settlers will not accept doing nothing. So yesterday, over a thousand of them gathered at the national capital where they marched to the FELDA headquarters to protest against Isa Samad, urging him to step down as the FELDA chairperson.

The National Association of Felda Settlers’ Children (ANAK) provided the leadership for this “Save Felda” rally and demonstrators chanted “Selamatkan FELDA” (Save FELDA) and “Undur Isa Samad” (Isa Samad back down”) as they carried an effigy with a photo of Isa on it.

ANAK made four demands and there were to ask Isa to step down; cease political interference in FELDA; halt the lleged sale of palm oil to an Israeli company; and to seek the return of FELDA land to the settlers, citing the precarious position of the 360,000 hectares of land due to the dismal performance of FGVH shares.

If you are not a Malaysian – you wouldn’t really know of Isa Samad. Prime Minister Najib Razak appointed this tainted politician as the chairperson of FELDA, knowing fully well that he doesn’t deserve the position because he was found guilty of corruption. Unless Najib is trying to tell us that the pool of candidates is more like a puddle because the others are even more corrupted than Isa!

Anyway, the authorities did not sit still and they similarly organized an anti-ANAK protest comprising an estimated few hundred people. They even had banners such as “Persatuan ANAK pengkhianat” (ANAK group (are) traitors”). This group was led by Wan Zawawi Wan Zain, who showed his loyalty to BN as there were banners with the words “55 tahun FELDA aman tanpa Pembangkang” (55 years FELDA peaceful without the Opposition) and not forgeting the ubiquitous “I love PM” signs. I think the latter was meant to subtly tell the public that they were paid to be there! (My interpretation of “PM” to mean “printed money”!)

By about 3:30 PM, both bands of protestors dispersed peacefully. This will be a continuing saga because more FELDA settlers will become unhappy when FGVH’s shares plunge further.

Malaysians, kindly get ready to ROFTL! Some of you may even suffer from a bout of non-stop giggling upon hearing this declaration by BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Today, he announced that BN candidates for GE13 for the 222 parliamentary and 505 state seats have undergone thorough scrutiny by the police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Department of Insolvency and they were all "found to be free of corruption and other crimes". In other words, BN has the monopoly on "winnable" candidates and Pakatan Rakyat is fighting a lost cause!

Photos taken yesterday at Sunway University pertaining to work in progress of the new academic building:

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