Thursday, December 20, 2012

Passport to Jerusalem

Najib Razak made an audacious attempt to buy Christian votes when it rescinded its quotas, age floor and other travel limits imposed last year on Christian Malaysians wishing to make their pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Don’t we know that this policy change is taking place only because of GE13? The BN government’s move, ahead of Christmas and national polls, is seen as a cheap shot to win back dwindling support from the minority community that barely make up 10 percent of the country’s 28 million-strong population but is regarded as a swing vote group in urban areas and crucial to the battle to reclaim the middle ground. Does Najib think Christians are fools not to see through this farce? 

Please don’t insult the Christians by this despicable gesture!

On Tuesday, Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club hosted an Open House where we invited non-Toastmasters to sample our regular Toastmasters meeting. It was billed as the biggest meeting of the year! It is no exaggeration because we nearly had a full house, with forty-two attendees – 15 of whom were non-Toastmasters. And yes, membership forms were distributed and I am confident we will soon see new signed-up members. I was the Table Topics Evaluator and it was good to see mostly guests coming forward to speak extemporaneously. Overall, I can vouch that this Christmas-themed meeting was a success. My score? An 8 out of a 10!

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