Wednesday, December 26, 2012

FELDA Thuggery

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Two activists from Felda settlers pressure group Felda Settlers' Children's Association (ANAK) suffered injuries after their convoy was attacked by BN supporters in Negri Sembilan on Sunday morning. The incident occurred when ANAK's 30-car convoy, part of the group's Save Felda Orange Convoy roadshow, was barred from entering Felda Bukit Rokan Utara, near Tampin.

They were barred from entering the Felda settlement by 100 BN flag-wielding delinquents, Felda employees and even police personnel. Check out this video clip:

ANAK president and PAS central committee member Mazlan Aliman identified the injured as convoy member Naraza Muda who sustained head injuries and Razali Rashad, who had a gash on his eyebrow. He said that the men sustained the injuries during the scuffle which also saw the mob smashing the windscreen of a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which was part of the convoy. In any case, the convoy was halted after the violence broke out and a police report was then lodged at the Jempol police district headquarters in Bandar Baru Serting.

According to Negri Sembilan PKR deputy secretary-general T Kumar, who was part of the convoy, they were also blocked from entering two other settlements that morning, Felda Kepis at Kuala Pilah and Felda Rokan Barat, near Jempol.

Meanwhile, Harakahdaily reported that the ANAK convoy in Pahang was similarly stopped from entering Felda Jengka 23 by “100 Umno supporters… including women and children” who hurled foul language at them. An eye-witness video posted on the Internet, allegedly of the Jengka 23 incident, showed a man harshly telling the convoy that they cannot perform the Asar prayers there.

The PAS mouthpiece, however, reported that the convoy was accepted at Felda Jengka 12, where they performed the Asar prayers, had tea and gave a short ceramah. A police report was lodged at the Maran police district headquarters over the incident at Jengka 23.

The above is typical UMNO thuggish behavior. Maybe since they are on the verge of losing GE13, UMNO is adopting a strategy of violence. The more they resort to brute force and the use of goons, gangsters and hooligans, the more they will scare the rakyat into voting for them out of fear. Or at least that is what they are hoping! Then BN is set to win big at GE13! LOL!

And the BN flags flown by the lawbreaking criminals signify a dying regime’s desperate bid to hold on to power. You have my permission to die quickly, BN!

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