Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Veteran Soldiers Flaunt Their Behinds

On Tuesday, a brave band of former soldiers who are members of the Malay Armed Forces Veteran Association (PVTM) gathered outside Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreevenasan's home. They then steadied themselves before they stuck their butts out. I am not quite sure what the message here is though. If they had mooned, then I would understand. But bending over? I am scratching my head. Maybe, they were hoping to be spanked by Ambiga? Or maybe they wanted her to shove their behinds with what-I-don’t-know?

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This silly show of old butts was supposed to be a protest against Bersih 3.0. Some were even carrying placards that said “Tolak Ambiga, Anwar Gila Kuasa” (Reject Ambiga, Power-Crazed Anwar).

As the story goes, Ambiga eventually came out to meet PVTM’s president, Mohd Ali Baharom outside her home in Bukit Damansara. In the video footage on the whole affair, she greeted them with a friendly ‘good morning’ and even offered them cans of 100Plus to quench their thirst after their rigorous ‘bum aerobics’. (For all you know, this may be the new training regime of the Malaysian Armed Forces)! In the floundering conversation between the two at the gate of Ambiga’s home, the protester refused to accept the canned drinks and gave her a very stupid excuse.

This is what he said: “We don’t consume this drink. We are Malays and Muslims and we drink warm water. We don’t drink this kind of water. You have your laws and we have our laws.”

I honestly don't know what to make of this latest cloddish episode by our Malaysian clowns! Sorry, I think I shouldn't insult clowns. Instead, I should replace "clowns" with "low-life", a more appropriate description!

First, I didn’t know that Malays and Muslims cannot consume 100Plus – oh dear, F&N is gonna get very alarmed! If word gets around, maybe the National Fatwa Council might even “haram”-kan this carbonated isotonic drink!

Second, this Mohd Ali Baharom who has been identified as a “Datuk” (a Malaysian honorific title which is a dime a dozen) had publicly confessed that he bought his “datuk”ship in 2006 for RM250,000 (Utusan Online dated January 13, 2011 at webpage When you have this kind of cheat, can he be credible in the first place?

Third, I hope our country doesn’t have to go to war any time soon. Imagine, our “enemies” might just roll on the ground in helpless laughter when our soldiers show their bottoms! Better still, if our soldiers break wind at the same time – this will be chemical warfare at its most lethal! I doubt enemy soldiers will be prepared to stomach such humiliation.

We have become a circus! Thanks to Najib and UMNO, we are providing free entertainment to the world!

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