Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UMNO Thuggery

In a rowdy Saturday incident, Ayer Keroh state assemblyperson Khoo Poay Tiong was hit by a stone and the car he was travelling in was pelted with eggs. Bandar Hilir state assemblyperson Tey Kok Kiew too suffered a similar fate and his car was damaged after protesters punctured his tyre and dented his car. Even car windows of DAP supporters at the event were also smashed. This was a DAP-organized ceramah that was to feature Bersih's Ambiga Sreenevasan although she was not present.

Flexing their Ketuanan Melayu, Jasin UMNO Youth chief Jezlee Tit and a delinquent gang of louts organized a protest that became a near riot – all because of the samseng culture that has now firmly taken root in UMNO. Jezlee said the incident involving flying projectiles was unexpected and protesters had never been instructed to bring anything that could be used as missiles to the protest. So, they just happened to conveniently find aggs and stones at their feet for them to practise their throwing skills.

He added that he had no problems with the opposition organising ceramahs but was against the program because of Ambiga. "We do not agree for her to come because clearly she belittles Islam and the law. We demonstrated to send her this message," he said imperiously as if the country belongs to only UMNO.

In singling out Ambiga, UMNO has shown that they are afraid of her because she can beckon solid support from all Malaysians. What’s more, she did not turn up for this ceramah. Yet, this did not stop the unruly morons from creating a raging ruckus at the event. Of course, we all know the script by now – the police didn’t enforce the law and these hoodlums got away scot-free again. No wonder, thuggery is becoming commonplace.

Fellow Malaysians, GE13 is not a battle for votes but more than that, it is a Malaysian struggle to banish unrighteousness and exorcise wickedness that is represented by the malevolent UMNO regime. So when it's time to vote, please remember: Anything but UMNO!

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