Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tear-gassed at Central Market

This video was shot by my friend and colleague, Derek Ong in the vicinity of Central Market. We were attacked as we were making our way back to Brickfields from Jalan Tun Perak after the instruction to disperse was given. There was no violence, no provocation, nothing! But yet, the men in blue shot and sprayed us!

No doubt Najib and his goons will instantaneously come out with their “official versions” of this and other incidents but the fact remains that violence was unashamedly used by Malaysians against Malaysians! And the latter were just ordinary and unarmed citizens expressing their right to assemble, voicing their concern about the state of affairs in this country and hoping to change it into a better Malaysia!

I was there to participate in a peaceful assembly, but why did they insist on using tear gas and chemical-laced water on me? I did not attend Bersih 3.0 to fight anyone but merely to ask for my right to vote in a FREE, FAIR and CLEAN election. Why did the government and police act in this disgraceful manner? Did they not feel shame? What has my country become?

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