Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore's Opposition Retains Seat

The Workers’ Party has retained the northeastern constituency seat of Hougang in a closely watched by-election in Singapore. Its candidate, Png Eng Huat (above), cruised to victory with 13,447 votes against PAP's Desmond Choo's 8,210 votes. This represents 62.1 per cent of votes for WP, slightly down from the 64.8 per cent the party polled in the general election last year.

The victory was achieved despite mainstream media coverage that WP secretary general Low Thia Khiang reportedly described as hinting of “character assassination”. At least there was no Najib bullshit such as "You help me, I help you".

The by-election was triggered when the Workers' Party sacked Yaw Shin Leong, its member of parliament for Hougang, over his failure to respond to allegations of personal indiscretions.

It must have been a bitter pill for Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong to swallow but to his credit, he took it like a gentleman when he remarked "The PAP will continue to be present in Hougang". You won't hear these sort of words from Najib. Come to think of it, Najib Razak has no class!

The Hougang by-election – don’t forget it was only a by-election – has just 43 eligible voters overseas, and yet they set up 8 polling stations around the world! Please permit me to show my middle finger to Malaysia’s Election Commission and I am telling them pointedly, don’t give any more stupid excuses!

With Png setting out to deliver what he promised during the by-election and his PAP opponent pledging to carry on his work on the ground, Hougang will continue to be a closely-watched political arena.

Yesterday, I blogged about the Bangsar incident. I do not believe that the allegation of UMNO-directed violence is without basis. Lembah Pantai UMNO Youth chief Sazali Kamilan has himself admitted that there were about 100 of their members at the PKR ceramah on Thursday night (Sunday Star, May 27, 2012, p 12). I am sure they were not there to be inspired by Nurul and Anwar!?! Or maybe somebody wishes to confirm that those fellas were there because they wanted to cross over to PKR?

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