Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Official Birth of a New Toastmasters Club

Hooray-y-y! Sunway University Toastmasters Club has finally been chartered as per the advice received from TI yesterday! Thanks to Lim Lay Kun and Teoh Chun Ming for making it happen! Our club number is 2472127. A time for celebration – let’s do it on June 07, our next meeting!

On Tuesday, again, I took up the role of a speech evaluator – this time for Tan Thiam Hock. Nope, I wasn’t voted the Best Evaluator though but I still won the Best Table Topics Speaker title. It was an enjoyable evening and therefore, I am more than happy to give this meeting a score of an 8 out of a 10.

About ten petty traders from Ikhlas, the Malaysia Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance, had carried out a “burger protest” on May 10 over claims that the Bersih 3.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur had affected their income – and according to their so-called leader, Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah, the loss in business was purportedly RM200,000. So, they vented their anger by setting up a burger stall outside Ambiga’s house in Damansara Heights. I don’t understand why these people didn’t file a claim in court but instead decided to become a public nuisance. But then again, if they have pea brains, what can you expect?

Anyway, they can’t have been serious about losing business because they set up stall in the upmarket residential area and then gave away free burgers.

When Ambiga complained, the Deputy police chief Khalid Abu Bakar stood his ground, saying the police will not act against these petty traders. He told the media: "Well, there is no offence. What offence? If you want to sit in front of her house without disrupting other people, there is no offence". He even added that "under the spirit of the Peaceful Assembly Act", everyone should be allowed to conduct a gathering. I won’t comment because Khalid’s stupidity had foolishly surfaced and it did a good job to make us all squirm and feel embarrassed.

Then on May 20, another group of petty traders defaced the road just outside Ambiga’s residence. They had marked out night market stall lots in bright yellow paint, ahead of their planned two-day protest tomorrow and Friday. This group from the Kuala Lumpur Petty Traders Council (MBPKL) was led by their president, Jamal Md Yunus who said that even as DBKL denied business permits to the 60 petty traders, they are determined to go ahead.

Agitators like Jamal and Mohd Ridzuan know that the authorities will be reluctant to act against them, and so they act with impunity. Lawlessness is settling down in Malaysia – that’s the state of affairs in my country!.

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