Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mock Funeral in Penang

In Penang, Perkasa decided to hold a mock funeral for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to demonstrate their dissatisfaction at the latter’s governance of Penang since 2008. The gang leader, Risuan Asuddin placed a framed photo of Lim with a garland of flowers to signify his “death” to the Malay community. For an Indian who claims to be a Malay and Muslim – this reminds me of another Indian who is in the same boat and who goes by the name of Mahathir Mohamad – it is odd (some would even call it blasphemous) that Risuan performed a Hindu rite. It is equally odd for Lim as well since he is a Christian! Maybe, this is UMNO-backed Perkasa’s version of a 1Malaysia funeral?!

Walao! The Indian culture is really gaining prominence of late. This practise of garlanding a person/picture is set to become a popular trend in Malaysia. First it was Najib and Rosmah in Batu Caves, then the students did it on Najib's and Khaled Nordin's photos and now the mamaks are doing it on Lim’s photo. Don’t the mainstream Muslims find this offensive? Or are they okay with this subversion of Islam? Not haram, meh?

I should tell my Business students to go into the flower business. Sure, successful one! Maybe, I should go into this business myself! What do you think?

Anyway, this Mamak gang whom I am told is very notorious in Penang – they have been involved in most of the demos against Lim – decided they still had lots of time on their hands and so they convoyed to the Chief Minister’s office to continue their futile protest there. Along the way, they resolved to be litterbugs and they strewn some 4,000 odd posters of Lim (these were all labeled “Guan Eng anti-Melayu”) everywhere. Of course, you should be able to deduce by now that the Police were nowhere to be seen.

Penangites, I am sure, can see that the Perkasa protests do not reflect Malay and Muslim culture, but UMNO’s. Do you still want to give your vote to UMNO and BN?

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