Saturday, May 19, 2012

The MAS-AirAsia Break-up

The MAS pullout from its multi-million ringgit shirt sponsorship with QPR only proves that the national airline was arm-twisted in the first place by the crafty Tony Fernandes – read my posting on this dated September 19, 2011.

I did write on September 18, 2011 that we won’t hear the last of the lopsided MAS-AirAsia deal and I was right! In less than a year, this whole arrangement has unraveled. When you have the stupid and the greedy joining hands to forge something that doesn’t make business sense, you know this kind of deal cannot last.

The Sunway University Toastmasters Club had their second meeting on Thursday and again, attendance was excellent. Three members (i.e. Ng Zheng Lin, Aaron Lim & Teo Kelvin) stepped forward to do their Ice Breaker speeches and believe me when I say that even as first-time speakers, they did impress. It was as expected a good meeting and I am happy to give it a score of an 8 out of a 10. Photos of the said meeting:

Thanks to Toastmasters from Taman Indrahana: Thian Seng, Karen, Jean, Siew Peng, Roslyn and Leelian Teoh as well as those from other clubs, i.e. Francis Chiong, Chun Ming, Jess Foong, Patrick Lim, Priscilla Parisa, Chrispin Teo, Sok Teng and Tong Fong who all came to either take up roles and/or show their support to this fledging club.

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