Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rosmah Collects Awards

If you think that Najib Razak's wife is content to just stockpile Birkin handbags and diamond rings, you are so dead wrong! She’s got a new indulgence – that of collecting awards. Remember how Curtin University cheapened itself by awarding Rosmah Mansor an Honorary Doctorate of Letters on February 11, 2012? (Read my blog posting on this subject dated February 18 titled “Curtin Embarrassment”). Then, in quick succession, other awards followed.

On February 16, the Asia's Leading Women In Charity Award was presented to Rosmah – it was reported she was the first recipient of this award – in appreciation of her dedication and commitment to charity works from an unheard-of business information company called NASEBA. I gave a yawn. Five days later, the City of Ankara confered on her, Turkey's prestigious “Award of Social Responsibility’ for her social work. Second yawn. Then on March 02, Stevens Institute of Technology in the US of A bestowed its highest award, the Distinguished Service Medal” to her in recognition of her public service, supposedly in the areas of empowering women and gender equality, and the important role she plays in enforcing early education among Malaysians. By now, I am trying very hard to keep awake.

Well, on Sunday, the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) presented Rosmah with the 2012 National Sports Industry Eminent Person Award which was, by the way, introduced for the very first time – see first picture. Then the following day, she was conferred an honorary doctorate in early childhood education from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) – see second picture.

At the rate she is receiving all these awards, it is only a matter of time before they catch up with the number of branded material possessions she has already accumulated.

Oh there’s another award I forgot to mention – the one that she created and awarded to herself – i.e. First Lady! Rosmah’s ego is indeed insatiable. And why not? Her ego is as big as her oversized hairdo! Not to mention her jumbo body size as well! My dear Rosmah – if not for you, Malaysian newspapers may have very little to write about, not counting the government bullshit that they love to dispense to the reading public!

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