Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UMNO's Abdul Kadir Resigns

Yesterday, it was announced that former Information Minister and Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir had resigned as an UMNO member after 56 years in the ruling party.

Abdul Kadir made headlines – I blogged about it on January 18, 2012 – when he accused UMNO of handing out between RM200 and RM1,000 to voters in previous elections in exchange for votes. The former Umno supreme council member, however, had denied personally using the “bomb” strategy to win elections in Kulim-Bandar Baharu where he was MP for 30 years from 1978.

He also denied making the claim out of frustration for having been sidelined in the party, stressing that his relationship with the present administration and UMNO leadership remained warm.

Tengku Adnan, however, has denied Abdul Kadir’s allegations that UMNO had resorted to money politics, pointing out that the party has never bought votes and did not need to. Wow, a wooden puppet that speaks! And look! Just like Pinocchio, his nose is growing longer!

Last evening, I was at MAS Academy for the MAS Melor Toastmasters meeting. District Secretary, Jamila Khan was gracious to own up that the meeting started twenty-three minutes late! We still managed to listen to three speeches but the one that was the highlight of the evening was Sukdev Singh’s stirringly stupendous speech that truly inspires. He did his CC speech # 10 and he talked about motherhood. By the way, I was his Evaluator. A 4 out of a 10 score for this meeting.

Then I drove with my foot pressed down on the pedal to reach another destination (i.e. Old Klang Road) for the Money & You Toastmasters meeting. A fun meeting altogether. But two things stood out. One is that there was a sharing session about “generating breakthroughs” presided by Jacy Wee that was revealing and heart-warming. The second was a memorable quote that emerged from a Table Topic speech: “I can give up sex but I cannot give up Toastmastering”! And I was voted the Best Table Topics speaker that evening too. A 6 out of a 10 score for this meeting.

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