Friday, March 16, 2012

Police Joke

On Wednesday, Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar (left) made a startling claim that only one percent of a total number of about 100,000 police officers are reported to have taken a bribe.

Hahaha, hehehe! If 99 percent of Malaysian police are clean, then I am Lady Gaga! Ismail Omar is a dumb ass if he believes in this manufactured statistic. If the police are honest (i.e. the 99%), then Malaysia should be a better place to live in.

For a start, Ah Longs (“loan sharks” to non-Malaysians) will not be so brazen in soliciting for business and going after defaulters by swearing wicked retribution. Mat rempits (“illegal racers”) will not be so defiant when they turn Malaysian roads into racing circuits and increasingly becoming criminal with their reckless actions. Wide-eyed fellows will not be openly selling porn outside of 7-Eleven stores holding walkie-talkies that have direct access to police raid information. Neighborhoods will be dismantling their security fencing and doing away with the private guards that they have hired. And I can go on and on because there is a long laundry list.

This is not to say that Malaysian police are generally corrupt. That would be equally untrue. Many are decent, fair-minded and upstanding. Still, the fact remains that the Royal Malaysia Police is in an indelicate bind. Like many institutions that have been tainted by UMNO’s corrupt subversion, members are finding themselves having to choose between doing what is right and what is not right, or the third option of turning a blind eye! Didn’t I read in the papers that the former IGP (i.e. Musa Hassan) was reported to have been cavorting with the underworld all this while? [An online news portal had even made the specific claim that he and the Attorney-General Gani Patail were responsible for covering up and tampering with investigations into Johor’s underworld kingpin Goh Cheng Poh aka Tengku Goh in 2007]. Of couse, the refutal came quickly but can there be smoke without fire?

Anyway, I understand on that particular Wednesday, the whole country was convulsing in vexatious fits of riotious laughter when doubting Malaysians heard about brash Ismail’s brave pronouncement!

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