Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NFCorp in Default

The impudently immoral Shahrizat family has been so caught up with spending public money that their company, NFCorp has defaulted on repayments for its RM250 million government soft loan since January. And that is according to Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Azmi Khalid and this was confirmed by Finance Ministry officials who were quizzed on the cattle-breeding project yesterday (The Sun, March 20, 2012, p 01). And Azmi even stressed that the PAC was not allowed to discuss matters any further with the public. The dirty linen is already being washed in public – there’s nothing that surprises anymore!

Sri Bala and Esther Wang celebrated their birthdays yesterday at Canton-i @ Sunway Pyramid. The photos below testify to this double celebration that we had with fellow SUBS members:

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