Thursday, October 20, 2011

Najib's Low-cost Meal

I went to Brickfields yesterday at the invitation of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants Toastmasters Club. I was the General Evaluator and also the evaluator for Marcus Chee’s advanced speech which he delivered in his usual cogent and convincing manner. And to top it all, I was voted the Best Table Topics speaker – my regularity in winning this accolade at club meetings is making me red-faced! Like on Tuesday, I was ‘volunteered’ to take part. A 5 out of a 10 score for this meeting but nonetheless, I would certainly like to make a return visit.

Did you see the photo in page 3 of The Star yesterday? It showed a smirking Najib Razak helping himself to a low-cost lunch at Restoran Ukhwah in KL’s Lorong Medan Tuanku on Sunday. He was there to promote the 1Malaysia People's Menu that supposedly drew participation from 1,004 restaurants as at October 14, 2011.

Also the newspaper reported that Najib's lunch experience was to prove that the cheap food served at these eateries were not of low quality. Anyway, Restoran Ukhwah serves a RM1 breakfast menu that includes teh tarik, roti canai and a piece of kuih while the RM3 lunch menu includes a plate of rice with meat and one vegetable dish and a syrup drink.

Asked how the restaurant could maintain its profit at such rates, Ukhwah Cooperatives president Rahim Baba said they carried out volume selling while offering other menus at regular prices.

This is very gimmicky, isn’t it? Najib is trying very hard to stay in the limelight in order to earn the public’s goodwill! He mistakenly believes that low-cost meals will endear him to citizens grappling with the rising cost of living. He doesn’t realize that actually Malaysians’ only wish is for a low-cost government. And a low-cost prime minister.

I am serious! We are cursed with a free-spending prime minister who loves to blow hard-earned taxpayers’ money on some privileged classes of Malaysians. Najib’s 2012 Budget “beat all the other 53 budgets since 1957 in being the greatest cornucopia of goodies for votes in the forthcoming 13th general elections to reach out for voter support from a whole swathe of targetted groups comprising important vote-banks” (Blogpage, posted October 17, 2011).

Najib’s shameless squandering is just too much – in fact our borrowings are ballooning beyond our repayment capability. According to Research for Social Advancement or Refsa, should Najib’s government continue with their current spending habit and with the current annual loan rate of about RM50 billion, the country could land themselves in some RM1 trillion of debts by 2020 (Harakah Daily, October 18, 2011).

Wake up, Malaysians before the country is doomed!

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