Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christian Proselytization

If you have been reading the mainstream newspapers of late, you cannot help but learn of Malaysian Muslim alarm at Christians and this reflects the siege mentality of the former. They believe they are under attack by Christian hordes who infiltrated defenseless Muslim communities in order to lure them into their church.

The opprobrious demagogue who has been sounding the bugle of orgiastic hysterics and increasing the fear level of Muslims is Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria (left). He is an agent provocateur, a malcontent and a firebrand. In 2008, he had famously declared that over 260,000 Muslims had left their faith to embrace Christianity. He was displeased, maybe even incensed at attempts to convert Muslims, which he said, had gone unchecked for a long time, likening it to a dangerous virus insidiously attacking the vulnerable Malays. At this point, it must be mentioned that the government did not release any formal figures on proselytiztion. They couldn’t because they didn’t know. So it begs the question of where Harussani got the numbers. And since he has not provided any evidence to support this wild claim, then one can rightly assume that it is all a big lie! This Mufti is a prophet of falsehood. An engineer of masterful deception. An expert in clever subterfuge.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Perlis Mufti Dr Juanda Jaya dismissed as “illogical” claims that over 250,000 Muslims in Malaysia have renounced their religion. It does not matter whether it is 260,000 or 250,000 – the numbers are preposterous. Incredible. Absurd.

And if indeed that many Muslims have discarded their religion, then Harussani should ask himself the reason(s) why. What is so wrong with Islam that so many wish to leave?

But surely, Muslims are strong in their faith. If they are, how can they be manipulated, converted and proselytized? Unless they no longer believe.

If Malaysians allow themselves to be consumed by greed, corruption, tyranny and the many other ills that afflict society, then they are already doomed. They shouldn’t even consider themselves as Muslims or Christians or Hindus or Buddhists for they have gravely sinned. If that is the case, then yes, many would have unwittingly abandoned their respective faiths – even if they denied it. That is the pressing issue that we should be concerned with. They can perfidiously pretend to be believers, yet at the same time, they can fib, vilify, slander, cheat and steal. That is the hypocrisy of those who pray and prey with nary a remorse or regret.

Sadly, many of us profess to be religious, yet we are living a lie. We should stop acting to be good Muslims, Christians, Hindus and/or Buddhists if we are not what we say we are. We shouldn’t be deceiving ourselves. We shouldn’t pretend.

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