Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nooryana Najwa Najib

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor have been accused of abusing their positions by attending to personal matters (i.e. their daughter Nooryana Najwa Najib's engagement) while purportedly going to Kazakstan for official business last week. Even their entire entourage went along, I read somewhere.

Why are these people making a fuss about a 'simple' matter? The couple went to Kazakstan for work purposes and if along the way, they made a wee detour to go to a function – what’s the big deal lah? Even if they are taking piggy-back rides on government time and expense – so? Nothing strange wad since Najib and company have been taking the whole country for a ride since he became Prime Minister. Can you recall that the couple also went to the US on May 17, 2011 ostensibly on a working visit to New York and Washington DC but they ended up attending this same daughter’s graduation from Georgetown University? [As an aside and especially directed at those who pretend to be Muslim purists – Georgetown is a Catholic and Jesuit university].

The point is that Najib and Rosmah have shown perfect timing, that's all! Besides, even if personal matters overlap with work issues, what's so wrong about it? He is a busy prime minister, y'know!

Critics are being very unreasonable! Why should Najib and Rosmah be expected to set the highest moral code of behavior and exemplary ethical values? These concepts are alien to them. And if politicians have been abusing their positions all this while, why should they be different? Why single them out? Not fair, right? After all, the rakyat are paying for these overseas trips – Najib might as well make as many trips as he can before he is booted out! And this can happen only if gullible Malaysians can wake up to the fact that BN has been plundering our country
all these years and squireling away our national wealth!

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Global Dynamics said...

With election fever rising in the midst of vote hunting, there have been a sudden spike in leadership performance and initiatives for wards under one's care. The concern for the wards has fluctuated up the scale. However I wonder, whether this spike will reach its peak and spiral downwards if victory is achieved. It has always been a behaviorial constant with the power greedy to give all it can to win and then forget the ward under their care afterwards...going back to business as usual sucking life of the wards for everything given. Although I have heard of the devil in books, fairy tale and movies but it seems there is no need for imagination to picture one that rules over this part of the world...