Monday, October 11, 2010

Ex-Soldiers on Najib's Side

This evening, I made a return visit to the Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters Club. I was the evaluator for Chrissy Steinhardt who delivered an Advanced speech titled “Preconception What?” And there were only two speeches since the third speaker, Lawrence Hoo withdrew at the eleventh hour as he was unable to attend the meeting. His dad passed away and so understandably, he had to excuse himself! My condolences to Lawrence! And so, the Table Topics Master, Mun Yuen decided to get everyone to participate in the Table Topics session. There were twelve of us who went up to the front to speak extemporaneously. I thought I only did okay, but I was pleasantly surprised when the VPE declared that Darcy and I were joint winners.

Even in a non-election year, the pertinacious pursuit for BN electoral support is never-ending. Najib Razak and BN received a boost yesterday when the Ex-Servicemen Association of Malaysia (PBTM) told armed forces veterans to vote for the ruling coalition to ensure the prosperity that they had shed blood for is safeguarded! Why you might ask was there this blatant show of support? In keeping with Najib’s favorite strategy of using public money to buy support, he had announced more allowances and gratuities for the pensioners, as reported by The Malaysian Insider (Webpage, posted October 10, 2010).

PBTM chairperson Abdul Ghani showed his fawning gratitude by saying: “I urge all armed forces veterans to register... to defend the leadership of Najib, a prime minister who has helped us much”. What he meant was that he was so easily duped! And he was also demonstrating his sheer stupidity because he didn’t know that taxpayers are actually paying for soldiers’ salaries!

Muhammad said veterans should defend the Najib administration from parties who would cause chaos in their attempt to wrest Putrajaya from the incumbent government. “We still need to fight for the nation. Every five years we continue to go to war to defend the government”. This is bunkum! This is crap! This is drivel!

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kwang houg said...

being a soldier, he should not get involved in politics.

the military is suppose to be a different entity and by making that statement to vote for BN, it just shows the world that he's receiving kopi o from the politicians.