Sunday, October 17, 2010

Batty Yen Yen

Like all typical MCA ministers in the Malaysian cabinet, Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen just love to not only mollycoddle Najib but also to rub him the right way. So it is not surprising to read in the New Sunday Times today that this lady is claiming that tourism will flourish with the building of this KL landmark Warisan Merdeka (p 5). How she could relate the two is astounding to say the least,

In fact, I could also recall many years ago, when Singapore’s Westin Stamford (now the Swissotel The Stamford) advertised that it was the world’s tallest hotel then – it was a distinction that was not important to most tourists – it actually turned many off.

In Marketing, we learn that not all brand differences are meaningful or worthwhile; not every difference makes a good differentiator – whether it is the Westin brand or even the Malaysia brand! So, just because Warisan Merdeka is going to be the tallest building in Malaysia – who really gives a hoot?

Ng Yen Yen is one batty lady who periodically comes up with batty ideas! Remember when she conceived that hare-brained idea to sell our uninhabited islands to rich foreigners as this could help stimulate the country’s economy and bring in more tourist dollars? The Star newspaper had reported this in their September 23, 2010 edition.

If she was serious about this – why then did the Malaysian government spend money and effort to bring Singapore to court because they wanted to hold on to a tiny island that is a mere 8560 sq meters at low tide? This island called Batu Puteh (or Pedra Branca, as Singaporeans would refer to it) has only Horsburg Lighthouse for company and nothing else. Why didn’t we just “sell” the island to Singapore and save us all the legal hassle in the first place?

Of course, on May 23, 2008, Malaysia had to face the embarrassing truth that the International Court of Justice had ruled that Pedra Branca is actually under Singapore's sovereignty. Well, I still say we could have earned some money if we quietly told Singapore we would gladly drop the claim if we get a little compensation. Doesn’t money make the world go round? But then again, it couldn't have happened because Yen Yen came up with this barmy idea of selling Malaysian islands only this year!

In the SPL match between Celtic and Dundee United, Gary Hooper swept home a Mark Wilson cross in 13 minutes to put Neil Lennon's side ahead. The other team equalized only when David Goodwillie's shot deflected in off Glenn Loovens (38). But Celtic was not to be denied when again, Hooper poked home a 89th-minute winner as they maintained their 100% Scottish Premier League record. Celtic had won 2-1.

Liverpool's new owners started their reign by watching the struggling Reds being convincingly beaten 0-2 by Merseyside rivals Everton. I think I am going to burn my membership card!

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