Monday, November 16, 2009

Penang Career & Postgraduate Fair

Last weekend saw me in Penang attending the Penang Career & Postgraduate Fair at PISA. It was great to discover that one of the 4 event partners was Toastmasters International, and they had members drawn from Division S and Division N to promote what else, Toastmasters International. A good initiative. It was indeed a pleasure to have met Eleanor Ooi, Area Governor as well as Immediate Past President of Voices Toastmasters and other fellow members from GREAT2B Toastmasters, Sg. Ara Toastmasters and Penang Advanced Toastmasters.

It has been quite some time since I last went to Penang and I was looking forward to trying the famed hawker fare, but alas, the evening downpours made it almost impossible to do that. What a shame really but at least this Penang sojourn served as a nice 3-day break from Klang.

Oh by the way, in Penang, I was introduced to Dr. Zaleha Aziz from the Center for Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and she lit a small but steady flame of interest within me regarding doing a Ph.D. If I ever become interested in pursuing a doctorate study at a local university, it has to be either Universiti Malaysia Sabah or Universiti Sains Malaysia. Well, let's see if I will consider doing it in 2010...
This evening, I was at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting – regrettably my intention to do my assignment speech was thwarted because of an administrative oversight. Sigh, what a bummer. In any case, there were no assignment speeches and instead, there was a marathon Table Topics session featuring 8 speakers. I was the Table Topics evaluator, save for my turn when I was evaluated by Lucky (who described me as a ‘dramatic speaker’). Balloting was done to find the Best Table Topic Speaker, but we ended with 3 speakers with an equal number of votes – so we had to organize a run off to determine the winner. The three finalists were Chase Lee, Lorna Fisher and ahem, Victor Ong. Lorna eventually got the most votes and won. An atypical meeting altogether but it was still interesting nevertheless.

One advice I took away was this timely reminder that we should not neglect our Competent Leader (CL) tasks. I guess it’s never too late to commit to complete my CL before April 01, 2010.

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