Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pussycat Balls

This 7-member dance troupe made the audience go wild on Friday evening – never had such scenes been witnessed in Klang, a town known for its somber seriousness and staid composure. After their special one-time appearance, Klang will not be known just for bak kut teh, but for the Pussycat Balls. October 30 was an evening of raunchy bedlam, of wicked pandemonium. I swear – it’s as if the town was rocked by a 7-magnitude earthquake! No one can ever be the same again after this – and thankfully, there were no casualties. No one has reported that their pulses stopped and their hearts came to a grinding halt – well, at least, not permanently. All of us in the HICT auditorium will remember this evening for the rest of our lives because the racy images of these 7 ‘gals’ will forever be etched in our memories! That’s how super-duper the dancers were and how earth-shattering their dance performance was!

I have been told there were not a few from among the gallery who were turned on. You have to see them in person in order to experience the same turn-on that the showgoers encountered. How do we describe these red-hot ‘dolls’? Perhaps these nine adjectives can try to nail it down: alluring, bewitching, flirtatious, inviting, naughty, provocative, titillating, ravishing, sexy.

An awesome performance on the wild side of Jalan Meru, Klang!

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