Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Dating

The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has been declared a “No dating” zone – if we are to believe one news report that appeared last week or is it, this week? And Malaysians are likely to think this is just plain drivel. But the banner that showed up at their Gombak campus is even more hilarious. It read: “IIUM is an Islamic territory. No dating. Allah is watching us.”

Whatever it is, an IIUM undergraduate (unidentified) claimed that the university authorities did not put up the banner. “It was put up by Maaruf Club in conjunction with the Campus Dakwah Project during Ramadhan,” the Daily quoted him as saying (Webpage, accessed November 04, 2009). Well, you know how people are! Just because you tell them not to, does not mean they will be obedient!

And come to think of it, God will become so busy and preoccupied with this all-important trivial pursuit – He will have no time to focus on the other more important things (e.g. abject poverty, environmental degradation, the killing of innocents on the battlefield and elsewhere). Dating must have scored very high on His list of transgressions!


aisha said...

can dating off campus what :)
my friend who studies there said that apparently that banner's been there for years now.

Victor Ong said...

True, but I guess when you are already dating - it is not easy to "switch on-switch off" depending on whether you are in or off campus!

Beautiful AZURA said...

sometimes people like to make things complicated....what's the different of 'dating', 'meeting'... whatever... ;-)