Thursday, November 26, 2009

IEM Toastmasters

This evening, I made my maiden visit to IEM Toastmasters Club – IEM of course refers to the Institute of Engineers Malaysia. I had met Ir. Ismail Omar at a MIMPJ meeting some time back, and he had invited me to visit his Club – and today, I finally did take up his offer. I used this opportunity to give speech No. 4, which is assignment # 1: The Folk Tale from the Storytelling manual. It is titled “The Mousedeer and the Farmer” and my evaluator was Area Governor C2 Suresh Yegambaram. His feedback was generally excellent, compliments like “I really did well”; “how entertained the audience was”; “natural body movements” and so on. However, he also did mention that I could improve on my pitch (more variation in my voice). General Evaluator, SKL Walia described me as a pukka storyteller (‘pukka’ is word of the day, meaning ‘absolute first class and genuine’), but she felt that I was a wee bit forward in my positioning – which is of course a fairly common remark that I used to hear before! Well, personally, I must admit that I did rather well, and the majority of the audience must have agreed since I was voted The Best Project Speaker from a line-up of 5 speakers. And I also took on the role of the Ah Counter.

The other thing I got from this evening’s meeting was that DTM Walia has indeed emboldened me. She told us that it took her exactly one year to progress from Competent Communicator to Distinguished Toastmaster (this is really an amazing feat!), and she told us point-blank: If she could do it, so can we! I am impressed. I am inspired. I am energized.

Oh yes, one of the Toastmasters I met this evening was Jean Lee, who happens to be David's daughter. By the way, David Lee is the HOD of Engineering & IT programs at HICT. Yes, it is a small world, after all.
I had already forgotten about it but fortunately, I received a timely phone call from Bill Sim who reminded me of the Malacca sojourn with a select group of KL Advanced toastmasters this Saturday. We are going to have a Joint Meeting with the Malacca Toastmasters Club, which is Bill's previous club before he moved to KL.

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