Monday, November 2, 2009

Food for Thought

UMNO statesman Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has been vocal in expressing his views on the state of affairs in Malaysia. When he said today that “Malaysia has lost its way” – it is time for all politicians of all stripes to sit up, pay attention and reflect on what we must all do, to give back our country, a real sense of purpose (Webpage, posted November 02, 2009).

And his other remarks are just as meaningful: “What we need now is the rise of an empowered public. Democracy in Malaysia is fragile so long as public opinion remains weak. Our hope for a more democratic future depends on our ability to build a strong public opinion. It’s good news when a vigorous body of public opinion, aided by information and communication technologies, is in making on the Internet. I myself rely on it through my blog. If not for my blog, what I say would scarcely get out in the mainstream media” (Webpage, posted October 16, 2009).

I don’t need to state my comments here because I wholeheartedly share Tengku’s sentiments.
I attended the KL Advanced Toastmasters Club meeting this evening and I took part in the Table Topics session as well as played the role of Evaluator for Lorna Fisher who's doing "The Entertaining Speaker" manual – in fact, I am about to embark on this same manual and I will follow her lead! Let me repeat here that Toastmastering is fun!

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