Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bling Bling Malacca

I went to Malacca yesterday. It has been awhile since I returned to my hometown. Much has changed – in fact, the town was busy and congested, day and night, and the roads choked with unbroken traffic, no matter in which part of town you are. Believe me, the gridlock was as bad as KL – to me, it was worse because Malacca roads are narrow and close. Perhaps it was the long weekend (3 days because Friday was a public holiday) or the school holidays or both – but driving in this town was quite unpleasant; my nerves constantly on edge. Also, I didn’t quite like what I saw in Malacca. I had this distressing feeling that Malacca is racing to be an urban concrete jungle, to become a tourist mecca, to shed its old world charm and put on a new showy skin of ostentatious gaudiness that slowly and surely will disrobe this historic town of its age-old character into something that is flashy and loud. I am not happy about this transformation – it’s gross and it's ugly.

Anyway, the original purpose of my trip to Malacca was to attend the Malacca Toastmasters meeting. No speechmaking for me at this meeting, though I gamely took on the role of a grammarian. Bill and Sandra were smartly dressed in suit-and-tie, and the rest of us were in our smart casuals. I didn’t bring a tie and so the locals kindly lent me one – just so that I was appropriately dressed! There were altogether six of us who made the trip to Malacca: Bill, Rohijas, Lorna, Sandra (actually it is Sandrasegaran), Lay Kun, and myself. A great meeting we all had!

Tonight, Liverpool faced Everton in a must-win match; they could ill-afford to lose or even draw. And phew, they did win 2-0 against a hard-working but luckless Everton.

Mascherano scored an early opener after a wayward shot bounced in from 30 yards following a deflection off Everton's Joseph Yobo (12). And the second goal came from a simple Dirk Kuyt tap-in after Tim Howard palmed Albert Riera's shot into his path (80).
Yes, we were extremely lucky to win!

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