Friday, November 20, 2009

If I Were a Chinese

This evening, I attended my second MIHRM Toastmasters meeting, where I did my second speech assignment, "Resources for Entertainment" from The Entertaining Speaker manual. The title of my speech was “Keeping It Simple”. My evaluator was LQ Kuah, who later described my speech as “very entertaining, which kept the audience laughing”. Personally, I thought I did only so-so and I know I could have done better! Needless to say, I was adjudged “Best Speaker” for this evening, and I earned a ribbon and a surprise gift. Additionally, I took on the role of the “Ah Counter” – a first time for me. It was an equally important task because I have to also work towards my “Competent Leader” qualification. A great meeting overall.

Yesterday’s The Star carried a Muhyiddin Yassin remark that was graceless as it was disparaging. That remark: “If I were a Chinese, I would also not support the MCA” (p N4) was uncalled for. It should be an affront to all MCA members, but then again, they are so caught up in their own stupid internal conflicts that they didn’t know what hit them. This is what I would call “friendly fire” from a so-called BN ally. Tsk, tsk, Muhyiddin, you just rubbed salt into a gaping wound! Ouch!

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