Sunday, January 10, 2021

Malaysia Can Learn From China

Nearly eleven months after the first lockdown on March 18, 2020, Covid-19 is still raging and rampaging. 

In spite of it, a total lockdown should be the last resort, and not the first response. After all, 80 percent of positive cases are asymptomatic. 

Kluang MP Liew Chin Tong makes sense when he urged the government, specifically the Ministry of Health to stop the idiotic practice of giving fancy names to clusters which have very little meaning to ordinary citizens and which, in fact, conceals the accuracy of the data. 

What we all want to know each day is how many prisoners are infected, which factory’s dormitories are now hotbeds of infection, which shopping malls see spikes of infection. 

Don’t just vomit out the big numbers that don’t really add value to helping anybody to combat the pandemic. 

Furthermore, it’s important that the authorities closely monitor high-risk areas such as foreign workers living quarters, prisons and the communities living near to them. 

And we should leverage on big data analytics using the data collected through MySejahtera and other data available in the government system as well as public data that can be mined, such as posts with meta-data and tags used on social media, and so on. 

I repeat, the government have failed the rakyat – truth be told, there have been no credible strategies from the people-in-charge. That means they are both clueless and incompetent. That can only mean they are not cut out for the job. That explains why the high numbers persist.

We should learn from China! They have shown that science and technology are key to defeating the pandemic. We need to identify cases as early as possible, take swift action and provide treatment as quickly as possible. It's as simple as that. And of course, do all these rigorously and properly.

With a backdoor government that spend more time strategizing to stay in power, they are not likely to worry too much about Covid-19. Except when they are in front of the cameras where some acting is required. 

Therefore, they're not likely to look at China and check out how that country has successfully brought the pandemic under control. And so, our numbers remain sky-high.

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