Thursday, January 7, 2021

Amirah's You Are My Land

I have been introduced to "You Are My Land" – it’s about watching the country break apart and about having to leave one's homeland. Thank you, Amirah for pointing me to your song:


A poignant psalm that is both tender and touching. And when her voice pierces, penetrates and permeates through you, immediately, you feel her melancholy, despair and regret all rolled into one big crescendo of impassioned piquancy. 

Amirah's voice is magic. Soft yet sultry, it is a swirling swell of evocative emotions bubbling to the surface to project puissant power every time she sings.  Mellifluous and euphonious.

Wow, wow, wow!!! 

I first heard her sing “Katakanlah” and loved it enough to write about it in my blog way back in January 24, 2010. I was just a newbie blogger – I started blogging on October 06, 2008 – and only yesterday, I had learned that this singer had reached out to me twenty days earlier, on December 17. 

And she had explained to me that the said music video had been taken down because the singer, then known as Amirah Ali had rebranded her artist name to just Amirah. 

I must admit I wasn’t too happy about it but she informed me that her "Tell Me" song can be considered the English version of “Katakanlah”. Okay lah – but if you ask me, I would still prefer a Malay version as well. My wish.

Anyway, Amirah (left) is an upcoming urban pop singer/song-writer from Malaysia currently residing in Los Angeles, California in the US of A. 

What impresses me about her is the fact that she is thoroughly immersed in the creative process of her music. She is very hands-on with her craft, from composing melodies; to penning her own lyrics; to singing. That is talent on three levels. Respect! 

Herewith is her other song “Tell Me” which calls out for unity amid the global pandemic and political strife:


As Amirah says: “I feel that this song is too important to wait any longer. It's more important today than ever for us to unite. Let's unite for a world where we are all accepted for our differences, regardless of race, religion, culture, nationality, status, gender, or sexual orientation. We are all one”. 

Indeed, what the world needs now is unity. More than ever.

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