Saturday, January 2, 2021

84 Million Cases and Collective Nouns

Globally, Covid-19’s caseload has surpassed 84 million. 

The United States marked the New Year by passing the extraordinary milestone of 20 million cases – even as the country flounders in its efforts to quell the virus. 

And Peru has joined the elite club when it registered one million cases – the eighteenth country to do so.

Updating the C100K list, Libya has become a member – and altogether, these 76 countries have combined to account for 97.4% and 97.8% of worldwide cases and deaths respectively. 

This pandemic is a bummer – but we’re now in 2021 and all we have is now. We shouldn’t allow the virus to stop us from living.


Not even to Covid-19! 

Collective nouns can be funny, even weird. 

I bet you didn’t know a bed of clams, a huddle of walruses and a flange of baboons. Or a mess of iguanas, a rhumba of rattlesnakes and a glaring of cats. Or a bike of bees, a shiver of sharks and a crash of rhinoceroses. 

But my favorite is the one found in this cartoon strip's last panel:


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