Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Poovaa's Ode to a Heartbreak

Poovaa’s first Malay single “Karya” is out! 

One cannot be impassive when one listens to her. She has the ability to grip you tightly in an embrace of hopeless anguish. Her vocals possess that intensity and depth that can beckon pain to slice right into you. 

“Karya” is a song that summons waves of giddying emotions to sweep you away and bury you deep in convulsions of mournful melancholy. A gut-wrenching psalm that imprisons you in a lugubrious mood and then makes you scream soundlessly in spasms of hurt. A tear-jerker of a ballad that stabs you and pierces you right in the heart. Oh, heartbreak!


Poovaa nails it – “Karya” is a rollercoaster of a ride that gives you the chills of a love betrayed and that leaves you hanging by a thread. 

This anthem is the dolorous outpouring of all her heartrending emotions. As you listen, you too can feel her dying a thousand deaths. That's how I feel anyway.

Brilliantly beautiful!

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