Thursday, November 19, 2020

Malaysian Chinese Support UMNO

Have you heard the latest joke that is making its round in Malaysia?

It's so hysterically hilarious that even jackasses find it LOL funny when normally, they are clueless about just anything!

I've heard plenty of stupid things before but this really takes the cake! It's farcical, it's buffoonery, it's absurdity!

A poll conducted by EMIR Research (supposedly an “independent think tank focusing on strategic policy recommendations based on rigorous research”) in August of over 2,000 respondents found that UMNO had the backing of more Chinese than did DAP, which have traditionally fared well among voters from the community! 

It seems that a quarter of Chinese respondents expressed support for UMNO and just 17% picked DAP as their party of choice. And to rub it in, it was also pointed out that only 1% of Malays supported DAP. 

I was overcome by a protracted laughing fit until tears poured out copiously. And even as I’m publishing this post, I am still guffawing! 

The findings released on Monday also proudly declared that UMNO are by far the most widely supported party among those surveyed, picking up 42.8% of responses, well ahead of PAS and Bersatu with 15.5% and 8.5% respectively.

Even back-door PM Muhyiddin Yassin scored well – he received 65% support as the respondents’ choice of prime minister. Mahathir Mohamad could only manage 10% support followed by Anwar Ibrahim with just 8%.


The above was widely reported in the Malaysian press – and I think many Malaysians are having a good chortle over the survey findings. 

Of course, we should know that the President & CEO of EMIR Research is none other than Rais Hussin Mohamed Arif (right) who so happens is the head of Bersatu’s Policy and Strategy Bureau. 

If we Malaysians verily believe in this donkey and his mountain of shit, I’m really sad because it exposes us as a nation that embraces stupidity of the highest order. Meaning, we are fools and idiots, 100%.

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